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World’s 10 Biggest Animals of all Time

Welcome back to another video about animals! We just can’t get enough of them and there are always new things to learn about the animal kingdom. Whether big or small, scary or cute, passive or aggressive, animals can be studied in many different ways, so I hope you’re ready to learn more about them.

In today’s video I’ll be introducing you to the World’s “10 Biggest Animals of All Time” Maybe you’ve already watched the video about the 10 biggest animals in the world, and if you haven’t – you should check it out! But today’s video will focus on the ten biggest animals of all time, which means, we will include animals that are already extinct – at least that’s what we believe! Stay with me all the way to number one and find out if the biggest animal of all time is one that still exists today or perhaps a new one.

Let’s begin.


I think some of you were surprised when the elephant wasn’t included in the world’s biggest animals! Well, today I’m giving you something bigger than the elephant. And it’s not the mamut. I’m talking about the paraceratherium, which holds the title of being the largest land mammal that has ever lived. They were about 7 meters tall, which makes them taller than modern day giraffes, and they weighed between thirty-three and forty-four thousand pounds. This makes them almost three times heavier than the heaviest elephants we have today. Just like elephants, they were not an immediate threat to other animals or humans because they were herbivores. But with a size that big, I’m sure they were intimidating and kept predators at a distance. It seems like they went extinct when the landscapes in Central Asia started to transform, making it hard for the paraceratherium to find the means to survive. I wonder what it would have been like to see one of these in the wild. I’m sure we would have been able to spot them from very far away.

Whale Shark

And here is one that we previously saw on the biggest animals in the world: The Whale Shark.
So let me refresh (or introduce you to) some facts about this impressive animal. First of all, the whale shark is the largest fish in the world! That’s right, although its name implies otherwise, this animal is not a whale, but it’s a fish. The name is a reference to its massive size and if you haven’t seen one yet, you’d probably think it’s a whale. They can reach a size of 14 meters long and can weigh up to 41,000 pounds. They are known for having long lives, some of them make it to 150 years!

With their enormous size, they could easily reign in the underwater world – especially when they move across the major oceans. However, they’re filter feeders, which means that they mainly eat plankton and small fish that get caught in their big mouths. They are quite friendly and sometimes they can be spotted swimming with humans!


While the whale shark is the largest fish in today’s world, it is not the largest fish in history! There’s a fish that was larger and that’s the leedsichthys, but it’s actually not far from the size of whale sharks. Earlier estimates stated that a leedsichthys could be about 27 meters long. However, later studies have shown that they might have been only 16 meters long, which is still a bit bigger than the whale sharks, but not for that much. Also, they were heavier, weighing about 43,000 pounds. And just like the whale shark, the leedsichthys was also a filter feeder, eating plankton, shrimp, jellyfish and any small creature that got stuck in its mouth. I wish we had the leedsichthys today, but at least we still have the whale shark, which is close enough!

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