Top 10 Defence Startups (2023)


00:00 Intro
00:11 Absolute Composites
01:31 Kapindra Precision Engineering
02:09 NewSpace Research and Technologies
03:09 Hyper Stealth Technologies
03:51 Fabheads Automation
04:46 ideaForge
05:50 Nyokas Technologies
06:48 Alpha Design Technologies
07:38 Axio BioSolutions
08:33 Tonbo Imaging

Absolute Composites: In 2014, Raghavendra Reddy founded Absolute Composites, initially focusing on drone components. Inspired by Gravity Industries’ jet suit, they successfully developed a Diesel-powered Iron Man-styled prototype showcased at Aero India 2023. The Indian Army, impressed, commissioned 48 suits for various applications.

Kapindra Precision Engineering: Established in 2017 by Padmanabh Bagaria, Kapindra Precision Engineering has pioneered diamond-coating technology, offering crucial protection against high temperatures and friction. This innovation is particularly valuable in aerospace and defense applications, such as safeguarding hypersonic missiles re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere at temperatures exceeding 2,400 degrees Celsius.

NewSpace Research and Technologies: Founded in 2017 by Sameer Joshi and Julius Amrit, NewSpace Research and Technologies specializes in designing next-gen drones, specifically swarm drones. These autonomous drones use algorithms to communicate and collaborate, resembling the behavior of bees or birds. The Indian Army has recently inked a deal with NewSpace to acquire 100 of these swarm drones, designed for extended coverage and effectiveness in military missions, capable of penetrating at least 50 km into enemy territory.

Hyper Stealth Technologies: Established in 2016 by Deepak Bhalla and Manish Dalmia, Hyper Stealth Technologies specializes in developing fabric and paint-based stealth products to aid Indian defense forces in evading enemy detection. Notable offerings include the Multi-Spectral Camouflage Net, concealing non-mobile weapons and vehicles by suppressing electromagnetic signatures, and Radar Absorbing Paint, applied to military vehicles for reduced detection risks in enemy territory.

Fabheads Automation: In 2011, Dhinesh Kanagaraj and Abhijeet Rathore, former ISRO members, identified the inefficiencies in ISRO’s manual carbon fiber component production. In 2015, they founded Fabheads Automation, introducing Asia’s first carbon fiber 3D printer. This innovation caters to various industries, including aerospace and defense. In 2021, the startup won an iDEX challenge, securing a project with the Indian Air Force to manufacture carbon fiber blades for helicopters. Their ultimate goal is to 3D print the entire Vande Bharat train.

IdeaForge: Founded by IIT graduates Ankit Mehta, Ashish Bhat, Rahul Singh, Vipul Joshi, and Amardeep Singh in 2010, IdeaForge claims to be India’s largest drone manufacturer for defence, homeland security and industrial applications. Unlike Vinveli, whose drones are capable of firing grenades and carrying ammunition, IdeaForge’s drones are specifically built for surveillance purposes.

Nyokas Technologies: Established in 2017 by Ajay Sangwan, Vivek Jose, Rohit T, and Teny Thomas, Nyokas Technologies pioneers ultra-smart clothing using nano-materials, IoT sensors, and software. Their flagship product, Zeal, is a seemingly ordinary women’s jacket with built-in security features. In the event of an assault, the jacket delivers an electric shock to the perpetrator, while IoT sensors automatically alert nearby authorities.

Alpha Design Technologies: Founded in 2003 by retired Colonel HS Shankar, Alpha Design Technologies is a leading defense equipment manufacturer, creating a range from electronic warfare to military communication systems. Collaborating with ISRO and the Ministry of Defence, their components are integral to India’s defense industry. In 2019, Adani Enterprises acquired the successful company, and as of FY22, Alpha Design Technologies achieved a revenue of 579 crore rupees.

Axio Biosolutions: Founded by Leo Mavely in 2008, Axio Biosolutions has developed India’s first FDA approved wound care product – Axiostat. Axiostat is a haemostatic dressing that is now used by the soldiers on the battlefield to control the bleeding from gunshot wounds or blast injuries that would otherwise be fatal.

Tonbo Imaging: Founded by Arvind Lakshmikumar, Ankit Kumar, Sudeep George and Cecilia D’Souza in 2012, Tonbo Imaging builds advanced imaging and sensor systems for the defence industry. Tonbo Imaging’s flagship product is called STAR (See-through armour) which is a combination of multiple 3 day and 3 night vision sensors (with a field of vision of 120 degrees each) creating an imaging system that can help any armoured vehicle to get a 360-degree view.

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