Top 10 SCARY Ghost Videos for TOILET Viewing!


Nukes Top 10 SCARY videos of GHOSTS!

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So in this Nuke’s Top 5, well it’s actually a top 10 ghosts . We’ll cover ALL sorts of paranormal activity. You’ll see apparitions, weird EVPS, ghost hunters, scary tiktok ghosts, and everything else within the creepy, spooky realm of the supernatural. And there’s even an insane horse.

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So here’s what’s in the video! A creepy skinwalker or some kind of cryptid haunts a family, and obviously causes a very scared reaction or is it a ghost and evp / evps ? A scary doll attaches itself to a scared kid. A possessed horse goes insane in the membrane. A Philippines taxi driver picks up a ghost woman on a highway. Hikers in an abandoned mine in California catch a ghost picture. A possible “glitch in the matrix” or a haunted hotel…. not sure which. An Arabic ghost hunter gets his car stolen by a Jinn. Some friends who work at a pizza place explore a haunted hospital and have a ghost sighting of a scary ghost nun. A girl in a graveyard sees a creepy little girl ghost hiding in the shadows. And finally- a spooky shadow figure shows up in a guy’s haunted house. You want the scary? We got the scary.

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