Top 10 SCARY Ghost Videos: Y’ALL Gonna Be SCARED


Nukes Top 10 SCARY videos of GHOSTS!

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So in this Nuke’s Top 5, well it’s REALLY a top 10 : lots of ghosts and scary stuff. We’ll cover ALL sorts of scary stories of allegedly REAL paranormal activity. This week: a little girl is scared by the ghost that inhabits a cursed painting in their haunted house.A guy, ghost, goblin or SOMETHING comes jumping down from a roof. A disappearing cat? A guy in Italy captures some strange EVPs and sees the shadow figure ghost that haunts his grandmother’s house. Japanese ghost hunters are attacked in a haunted hotel. The CCTV on a bus captures something possibly supernatural. And to top it all off- a haunted doll ! Woo! Scary videos Y’all!

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